June 27-29, 2014

We had a wonderful time at Mothapalooza 2014! Please keep an eye on our page for coming events!

Tulip Tree Silk Moth Cutout
Sponsored by the Ohio Division of Wildlife, the Conference will feature Keynote Speakers/leaders including David L. Wagner, author of “Caterpillars of Eastern North America”, Fiona A. Reid, author and artist who is studying nocturnal pollinators, Dr. David Horn of Ohio Lepidoptera Society and Tami Gingrich, Field Naturalist with the Geauga Park District.

Mothapalooza II will be a fun weekend of
mothing, diurnal field trips, workshops, keynote presentations and comraderie! See the Activity Descriptions page and Agenda for more details on what to expect.

Burr Oak State Park sits in Morgan County, near the borders of Athens and Perry counties. The 2,593-acre park is situated in one of Ohio’s most heavily forested regions. A diversity of other habitats occur locally: buffalo prairies, wetlands, a large lake, meadows, and much more.

All of this habitat diversity means great plant diversity, and well over half of Ohio’s approximately 1,850 plant species can be found in the general area. Major plant diversity means exceptional moth diversity. Also, because of the undeveloped and unpolluted nature of the region, moths can occur in huge numbers. Mothapaloozians can expect to encounter sheets full of interesting species at the light stations. Giant silk moths such as Luna, Promethea, and Cecropia should be encountered, along with scores of other
interesting species.

Other wildlife diversity is exceptional. Probably 100 species of birds breed locally, including moth-eating Eastern Whip-poor-wills.
Jim McCormac will lead a birding expedition around the lodge on Saturday morning. Bobcats are regularly reported in the area, and there is a good diversity of amphibians and reptiles. Mothapalooza field trips are sure to be full of noteworthy finds!

All of the species featured on these pages are ones that can be found in this area during June! (Photos courtesy of John Howard, who will also be leading field trips and co-conducting our Moth Photography workshop.)

Luna Moth Cutout

We hope you will join us for what should be a one-of-a-kind Nature Experience!

Join us!